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Our Uniqueness

 The Digishakti aims to provide unique digital platform to all citizens to achieve a new height in the field of direct selling. Digishakti enters into the life of common people and brings them at a new height of success; most of them reach at the level of economic freedom. Digishakti enrich the life of its Direct Sellers with highest human values.

Our Mission

We are proud of our Mission to provide good quality products with a competitive rate basis to the people. The selection of products is based on our needs, and hence provides better sales opportunity to its Direct Sellers. The Company has focused to ensure fast and better delivery system through its ‘Digicentre’ throughout the country.

The Digishakti is most empowered with its best Marketing Plan, which provide highest incentives, in a very speedy manner, to its business leaders. It has designed better training system and thus future Business leaders.

 Our Vision

Digishakti also aims to find out the solutions of present day challenges before the society and nations, through its empowered, trained motivated and most positive Team. It keeps vision to promote awareness on health, environment, right education, and respect to Law, empowerment of women, organic-zero budget farming and on all other important aspects of life for overall development of the society. 

 Why Digishakti!

v  Good quality and cost saving products.

v  Products are based on our needs.

v  Customers’ satisfaction is highest achievement, which we target.

v  Its fast and better delivery system.

v  Consistent addition of good and need based products.

v  Innovative ‘Marketing Plan’.

v  It’s potential to bring its Direct Sellers’ at the highest level of Success, in a very speedy manner.

v  And, highest faith of its Direct Sellers to its Founders.